Blue Marble Packaging


Our commitment to the environment

Take a sip of our ultra-premium cocktails and feel good knowing we are committed to global conservation and environmental initiatives that will help keep our blue marble blue. But we can’t do this alone. Our goal is to also inspire other like-minded ambassadors of the world to get involved in local Earth focused organizations. Cheers to everyone’s support!

Great in any environment and for the environment

We care as much about our packaging as the contents inside. Through recycling, our cans make it back to the shelf in as little as 60 days. Our exclusive use of aluminum cans reduces Blue Marble’s greenhouse gas emissions by 95%.

Blue Marble Cocktails 4-packs

Our SFI certified packaging contains 100% recycled paper, and within months of discarding one of our trays it is back in circulation as a new recycled item and our 4 pack can toppers use HDPE post-consumer recycled plastic that is 100% recyclable. Blue Marble Cocktails is a company that is dedicated to reaching our sustainability goals.

Blue Marble Cocktails 24-packs