Blue Marble Ultra-Premium Cocktails

vodka soda


Simply the best ready-to-drink cocktails on the planet

Why do our cocktails taste so good? It’s simple. We use real ingredients only found in nature. Each of our delicious cocktails include the best fruits, vegetables, and ultra-premium distilled spirits. You have a choice about the type of products you consume and what they are made from. Blue Marble Cocktails is committed to providing you with a canned cocktail free of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and dyes.

cocktail in glass vodka soda
Vodka-soda cocktail title

Ultra-premium vodka
Premium Soda Water
All-Natural Lime Juice

15% alcohol by volume
No artificial flavors
No artificial colors
No artificial preservatives
No artificial dyes
Perfect pour
200ML recyclable can
Pour over ice and enjoy

Vodka Soda cocktail
tomato and chilli

One of the most popular cocktails for an evening out or a cocktail at home. Cool and refreshing. Sounds easy to make, yet bartenders aren’t consistent with their pour. We took matters into our own hands. We combined the perfect amount of ultra-premium vodka, premium soda water, and all-natural lime juice. That’s it. A perfect cocktail every time.

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2019 PR%F Awards Spirits Competition medal winner
2018 American Masters of Taste Gold medal winner