Welcome to Blue Marble Cocktails.

When we set out to make the best ready-to-drink cocktails in the world, it became obvious that to reach this goal we had to use the best ingredients found on Earth. The Earth, nicknamed "The Blue Marble" as viewed from space by the crew of Apollo 17 in 1972, became our symbol of what is pure and natural in the world and how we have approached the creation of each and every cocktail.

An entire family of ready-to-drink cocktails.
Bartender not required.

  • Perfect for any venue requiring a non-glass portable cocktail option.
  • Each flavor contains all-natural ingredients, combined with ultra-premium spirits.
  • Requires no preparation or staff training. Just shake and pour.
  • 12 of the most popular cocktails in the world. No need for a bartender.
  • Sell 3 times as many cocktails in the time it takes to make the same cocktail from scratch.
  • No more waiting for cocktails. Your guests get instant gratification.
  • Less waste. Easy to recycle. No costly washing or storage of glassware.
  • A simple cost-effective option for large venues of every kind.
  • The perfect option for concession stands.
  • Hand crafted quality that will keep consumers coming back for more.
  • Our 200ml ceramic lined aluminum can is the perfect serving size for your patrons.

By air, land or sea,

the world is your playground with Blue Marble Cocktails

Whether you’re at a black tie event, concert, or theater, you don’t have to wait in lines for a refreshing, all-natural cocktail made with real juices and ultra-premium spirits. Our Long Island cocktail will keep you going all night.

Our goal at Blue Marble Ultra-Premium Cocktails has always been to create a better cocktail. A cocktail that is ready-to-drink at a moments notice, tastes amazing, and comes in a recyclable container you can take with you and drink anywhere on the planet. Making great cocktails isn’t our only goal. For each can sold, we contribute 1% of our profits to environmental initiatives that help keep our blue marble blue. It’s the least we can do for a planet that provides us with the all-natural ingredients that make our cocktails so good.

Simply the best
cocktails on the planet.

ready-to-drink cocktails

Simple Facts

12 handcrafted cocktails
Made with ultra-premium spirits
All-natural ingredients
No artificial sweeteners or dyes
No artificial preservatives
Perfect single serve size
Handcrafted ultra-premium flavor
Environmentally friendly packaging

earch planet

The best ingredients make the best cocktails.

Why do our cocktails taste so good? It’s simple. We use real ingredients only found in nature. Never any of the preservatives found in many ready-to-drink cocktails. Each of our 12 delicious cocktails include the best fruits, vegetables, and ultra-premium distilled spirits.

70% of the Earth's surface is water.

here's how to enjoy it.

Lounge in the comfort of your hotel suite or on the beach while enjoying the instant gratification of one of the best Cosmo you’ve ever had. All 12 of our cocktails contain only natural juices and no preservatives.

holding Cosmo cocktail

Thirst quenching cocktails

At 50,000 feet and beyond, you’ll truly feel on top of the world with a Blue Marble Cocktail. The mint sensation of an all-natural Mojito, or a classic Margarita with no artificial flavors or colors over ice, will put you into a state-of-mind that only landing could possibly bring you out of.

Thirst quenching margarita cocktail

Kick your feet up

...while sipping on one of our newest cocktail sensations called the Cinnamon Toast. This instant hit combines the taste of whiskey, cinnamon, and ultra-smooth liquor all in one indestructible and easily recyclable can.

cinnamon toast cocktail

The perfect day on the water is just a sip away.

Sailing, surfing, or cruising along the water for the day is sure to inspire the need for a cocktail or two. Blue Marble Cocktails offers some of the most naturally thirst quenching cocktails found on earth. Dip into our version of a Piña Colada called the Necker Island, or enjoy the complex vodka-gin-rum and lime flavors of our Long Island, and you’ll feel like you're really floating on water.

necker island cocktail